As he stood beside the window, he stared at the door with longing. He knew on the other side of it was freedom, but it was like his brain was processing things at a crawl, and he had yet to solve the riddle of the doorknob. On the first day he tried slamming his body against the door and, while it didn’t exactly hurt, he somehow knew his body couldn’t withstand that type of abuse. The word pain floated through his mind, but not the comprehension as to what that meant. He tried the window, bashing it with uncoordinated fury. After a moment he noticed red seeping from his knuckles and put the tantalizing liquid to his mouth, humming lightly as he sucked it clean.

– Excerpt from Dead Aware: A Zombie Journey

Hello and welcome to the author page and blog for Eleanor Merry!

I am the author of the Dead Aware series, which is a world in which the FIRE Virus (fever induced rapid encephalitis) has taken the world by storm. FIRE is highly fatal and only about 5% of the world ends up immune, with almost everyone who contracts it dying within 5-8 days. Much to humanities surprise, though, about one in three people got up again several minutes after they died.

Much of the Dead Aware series is written from an undead or ‘zombie’ point of view. I wanted to get more into the heads of ‘zombies’ and that brought up the question: How would a zombie feel? Would they remember anything from before they died? Would they feel guilty about eating people?

While my work to date is absolutely centered around horror and post-apocalyptic, I do have plans for some cross-overs and other genres including children’s books, dark romance and all sorts of different stuff. For now, you can check out the Dead Aware series here

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Lots more awesome words to come, and I can’t wait to share them with the world!


Eleanor Merry
AKA. Zombie Ele

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    The winter season was a busy one for me and I haven’t been updated here as much as I would like, unfortunately. On the bright side, this busy time has also brought forth several new releases, including running my first anthology, Dark X-Mas, and the release of one of my stories in another great collection… Read more

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    This week I hit a huge and exciting milestone. Dead Aware: A Zombie Journey hit #1 bestseller in one of its categories on Amazon! I am so insanely excited about this and can’t believe the show of love I’ve received from all of you, my readers. This has also given me a huge burst of… Read more

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