What’s happening

I am happy to say that I have finally figured out “the thing” that was holding me back from finishing Dead Aware 2 (which is still yet to be subtitled)
Just a plot point I needed to insert, really. A way to get me from where I was in the story to the ending. Now to finish writing it! I am sitting a about 38k words now, and expect it will end up around 60. With the final pieces plotted out, I hope to get this done in the next week or two.

As well as DA2, I also just finished a short (8500 words) which has been tentatively titled Dead Aware: Zombie Mom. I think I will give this fun little guy to my newsletter subscribers (click here to subscribe if you haven’t!) as a new reader magnet, since my current one is a super fun horror story but isn’t related to Dead Aware. I may also throw Zombie Mom onto Amazon for 99 cents for anyone who prefers that to signing up, but we shall see! This also means I have a few new covers I am going to need to order from my amazeballs cover artist, Brian Scutt at Hollow Creek designs.

Lastly, this week I am going to be sending a few more ARC’s of Vagrant Youth out, which is released in two weeks.

Lots of fun stuff going on over here, lots and lots of words. Can’t wait to share more of them, but until then!


AKA. Zombie Ele

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