The winter season was a busy one for me and I haven’t been updated here as much as I would like, unfortunately.

On the bright side, this busy time has also brought forth several new releases, including running my first anthology, Dark X-Mas, and the release of one of my stories in another great collection called If I Die Before I Wake.

Dark X-Mas is holiday horror drabbles. And what is a drabble you might ask? Well, it is a 100 word story exactly, also sometimes called micro-fiction. We had 40 authors with over 120 stories and it was so well received over the holidays and such a fun project that I am running a second holiday horror collection, Dark Valentine.

If I Die Before I Wake was released by Sinister Smiles Press and is a collection of horror with the topic karma and fear. My story, What Comes Around, is meant to have a gory but comical style to it. Featuring a woman named Sharon and the purchase of a new home, Sharon goes from passive and meek to karmatic justice badass. However, her idea’s of karma are a bit skewed.

You can pick up copies of either of them here:
Dark X-Mas
If I Die Before I Wake

I’ll also be announcing my release date for Dead Aware 2 in the next week or two, and also have a few secret projects for 2020 that I am very excited about.

All in all, it’s been a productive winter but it isn’t over yet!


AKA. Zombie Ele

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