Cover and Title Reveal! Dead Aware 2: No Place Like Home

Cover art by Brian Scutt @ Hollow Creek Designs

It’s been seven years since the FIRE virus devastated the globe, leaving most of the world population decimated. From the wreckage, infected and non-infected survivors emerge to find their new places in the world.

Since rising after the infection, Max and Clara abscond to the British Columbia wilderness to live in peace, away from the rest of the world. Their life is hard but happy until outside forces tear their family apart in efforts to find a cure for FIRE. Max and Clara must leave their home and once more go against the people who consider them no more than ‘zombies’. With the help of new and old friends, will they be able to finally overcome humanity’s prejudice against them?

Release date and more news coming soon!



AKA. Zombie Ele

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