About me

Honestly, I hate writing bio’s and things like that. I would much rather talk zombies and horror than about myself, but apparently people like knowing about authors. Go figure!

Soo I’m Eleanor Merry, of course, the author of the Dead Aware series. I live in Vancouver, Canada with my tiny human and my fiance, a situation that keeps me busy but I wouldn’t change for the world. By day, I work in the travel industry, by evening, I am mother and in the wee hours of the night, I like to think I’m a writer.
I’ve been writing since I was quite young and have always been an avid reader. Though I tend to lean mostly towards dystopia, horror and post-apoc I do also have a love for historical fiction and romance. Really, I like well put together stories and characters.
But hey, don’t we all ❤


AKA. Zombie Ele

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