Release Weekend!

So this weekend is going to be a combo of celebrating the release of Dead Aware: Vagrant Youth (Which is Monday September 23rd) as well as getting some serious words in on Dead Aware 2… also hair. The blue needs some love, so I intend to find some time for that.

Vagrant Youth though! Eeeek! I am actually really excited about this one. It is only a novella, but I feel really good about this story and the characters I created in it. The main character is a girl named Abby, who is a half Canadian-half Afghani street teen who acts as a ‘leader’ to a group of other misfit kids. It takes place in Vancouver at the start of the FIRE virus and has a bit of crossover with Dead Aware: A Zombie Journey, but can also be read as a standalone or sequel or prequel.

You can pick up Vagrant Youth here

Abby is one of my favorite characters I’ve written to date and after Vagrant Youth I actually had to go adjust a bit of the plot in Dead Aware 2 just so I could include her in it! In any case, it feels great to be releasing this one into the wild, so to speak.

Also in exciting things, I have a new freebie short story in the Dead Aware world that I will be sending to all of my newsletter subscribers next week. It has been dubbed “the cutest zombie story ever”, which I know is a bit of a contradiction but you’ll just have to read it to find out why 😉 If you aren’t already subscribes, you can get my newsletter here. When you sign up there is already another free short horror story (not Dead Aware related).

I actually love subscribing to my favorite authors newsletters, but there are definite things that annoy me and would make me unsubscribe. For example, irrelevant details (I don’t need to know what you ate for lunch..) or too frequent e-mails. I do try really hard not to do any of those ‘faux-pas’ that I hate as a reader.

Well I’m just getting rambly now and the toddler has declared it is “twenty ‘o’ clock so it’s time to go out mommy”.

The toddler has spoken.

That’s all for now folks!

Eleanor Merry
AKA. Zombie Ele

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